Baby Espadrilles

Baby's Navy Embroidery EspadrillesBaby's Navy Embroidery Espadrilles
Baby's Coral EspadrillesBaby's Coral Espadrilles
Baby's Star Pink Glow EspadrillesBaby's Star Pink Glow Espadrilles
Baby's Star Silver Glow EspadrillesBaby's Star Silver Glow Espadrilles
Baby's Brasil EspadrillesBaby's Brasil Espadrilles
Conguitos’ Metallic BoxConguitos’ Metallic Box

At Conguitos we have created a collection of jute espadrilles for babies so that this spring-summer... They will be as stylish as they are cool! 

All of them are Valencian style, although they are also known erroneously as menorquinas, with their toe cap covered and the back part covered by a strap that is tied with a buckle for a perfect fastening. They also have a leather sole, so that the foot transpires and a rubber sole, so that the baby is comfortable with every step. 

Ceremony espadrilles for babies

Because babies are also very special guests at events such as weddings, christenings and communions, we have designed these espadrilles so that your baby looks just as elegant as you do. 

Fancy finishes in silver, platinum, pink, navy blue or white, suitable for both boys and girls. Each one of them with details and embroidery that make these espadrilles the most special for that date you have marked on the calendar. 

Wear your baby in fashion and comfort with Conguitos espadrilles. 

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